Alan Wake will be disappearing May 15th

Alan Wake will be disappearing May 15th

Remedy Entertainment announced today on Twitter that their 2010 horror-survival title, Alan Wake, will be removed from digital stores on May 15, 2017. Expiring music licenses will force them to remove all online sales of the game. Anyone with an existing copy in their library will not be affected. For those looking to own this game before it disappears, it will be available on Steam for a 90% discount starting May 13, 2017.

Alan Wake received critical acclaim for its unique horror gameplay and soundtrack during its initial release. You’ll be able to obtain it for the lowest price in its history. After May 15th this title will likely be gone forever, unless Remedy Entertainment wishes to go through the hassle of license renewal.

Available on Steam

Notable Replies

  1. I really enjoyed the game. Its definitely pretty unique but more importantly, at that price you'd be an idiot to pass on it. Also it'll never come back sooooo

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